“Don’t You Forget About Me” (2019) by Mhairi McFarlane

Novel, published by William Morrow Paperbacks, September 2019, 432 pages. ISBN: 9780062958464.
"Don't You Forget About Me" by Mhairi McFarlane | Prose & Paper

So, I read classics, I recently learned I enjoy reading memoirs, I like contemporary literature, fantasy as well as urban and historical fiction. Romance novels are something I have never really read before. There is no reason for it really, I just never did. Until I started my subscription with BookBeat. I don’t know the app very well yet, and as I tried to find books to listen to, I stumbled upon Don’t You Forget About Me.

You always remember your first love. Don’t you…?

It was the plot that made me choose the audiobook (duh): It’s about 30-year-old Georgina Horspool, who recently lost her job, got cheated on, and is considered rather unsuccessful by her family – and happens to meet her first love again. I can admit, as a 30-something, I sure have thought about what it’d be like to meet my first love again, so I was hooked.

After getting fired from her job, Georgina is offered a position as a bartender at the newly opened local pub. As it turns out, one of the owners is none other than Lucas McCarthy, her first love. They hadn’t seen each other in years, and when they re-meet, it’s getting weird real soon: He pretends to never have met her before but as they work together, they get a chance to get to know each other for the second time.

As you can already tell, there is a bit of drama, some excitement, and a rollercoaster of emotions going on. Nevertheless, the book also covers themes a lot of people experience. It’s about family and friendships, love, of course, grief, confidence, about figuring out life and what you want to do with it, your passions, dreams, your past, and how to deal with it. And Georgina? I found her very likeable.

Was it a little predictable? Yes. Did I still like it? Also yes. It’s a quick read, charming, funny, heart-warming, and hopeful. The audiobook narrator, Madeline Gould, did a fantastic job as well. If you like Sex and the City and Bridget Jones, this book might be for you. And I would not be surprised if it would be turned into a movie or, even better, a TV series.